Going to the grocery store? Beware of the amounts you are paying for.

One thing I have noticed recently is that ice cream is now a 1.5 quart container for the same price as 1 – 2 years ago when it was 2 quarts. Noticed last week that 2 of the 5 sugar choices were now 4 pound bags when 5 used to be the standard. I also bought a box of cereal, which I don’t do very often as I usually get bulk granola. The box was smaller for the same amount of money and I only got four days out of it instead of six or seven.

Be sure to check your canned goods. A can of tuna-fish has only 75% as much tuna in it as it did 10 years ago in roughly the same size can.

This is like only purchasing a half-tank of gas because you don’t notice the pain as much when it comes in smaller amounts. You just do it more often. At least with gasoline you are making your own choice to stick your head in the sand; with the packaging sizes someone else has decided for you and you have to be aware.

Not that downsizing serving sizes is bad because many people — myself included — need to do that, so smaller portions in restaurants can be a good thing. They were getting truly out of hand because I could get a doggy bag and get one or even two more meals out of a single restaurant portion. And for the meat course at least, they sometimes tell you how many ounces you are paying for but never the veggies.

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